Tuesday, June 14, 2011

happy one month.. :)

:) have a happy month.. with full of happiness.. in the holidays.. we spend time in the phone! chatting day and night..xD.. in the hoilday.. you're not so feeling well.. making me more care about you.. yr status is the highest now in my heart.. no one will replace.. :) almost the end of the school holiday.. you recovered 99%.. then u ask me '' you not gonna date me out?'' that word make me stunned.. without thinking then date you jor.. :) until the date with you that day.. firstly with a cheerful feeling.. when reached the destination.. omg nervous came to me.. when i saw you.. i'm thinking what should i do now? think awhile.. then follow you better.. great.. zz.. after a lunch together.. then cinema time.. at there.. we know what happen.. :) then came out from there.. you say wanna eat something so went to eat ice.. -.- i didnt eat cuz i nvr eat those weird thing before.. LOL.. so i watching you eat and listen to your old story.. thats a great day for me.. dont know how about you?:)
hmm.. until today.. what happen to you ? did i make that? you giving me worries.. + a strange feeling.. are you really ok?your sms quite weird.. maybe you act strange bacause i didnt wait you for going back? :( i'm sorry for that.. i'm in hurry cause my parents gotta go to malacca.. i know this is an excuse.. i heard ec say to you what go upstairs what there wait.. i tot you gonna be late to come out so i walk slowly out from the school.. reached the gate i looked back.. you haven come out.. so i didnt wait.. just get in the car.. in the car i think.. why dont i before leaving the class say bye to you? arh how stupid am i.. i'm so so sorry.. :(..
is late.. dont know weather can sleep or not.. i hope can..:s good night sweet heart.. sleep tight.. i love you..<3

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